Welcome to the new look Newport Pagnell Weather site. For those of you who have visited this site before you will find a few changes, not least the addition of near real-time weather reporting via the Weather Display add on Weather Display Live. There is now a six day weather forecast page. This is the main change, the rest of the site is very similar to the original, but I will be adding more functionality (eek!) as and when time permits. I hope you enjoy the changes.

To those who are visiting the site for the first time, here is a brief description. I have always had an interest in watching the weather, and eventually persuaded the budget holder...err I mean my wife, to fork out the necessary funding to purchase an Oregon Scientific WM918 Automatic Weather Station. After setting this up, it wasn't long before I turned my attention to putting my weather data onto a web site. After checking the available software to do this I chose Weather Display by Brian Hamilton as this seemed to fit the bill best. The software allows data to be collected and displayed/recorded on my website. Weather Display Live (WDL) now displays this information in near real time. The data is at present displayed every ten seconds.

Newport Pagnell Location

Newport Pagnell is located in the Northern part of the county of Buckinghamshire, about 50miles (80km) northwest of London and about 100miles (160km) southeast of Birmingham. We are affected by weather coming from both the East and the West, but generally our weather is not exceptional and being located in the centre of England, we do not often get extremes of weather.

Newport Pagnell Location

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